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Masslice Cotton Saree -TSG-14341

SKU: TSG-14341
Delivery date: 13-15 Busniess days
Vendor: Tangail Saree Ghor

Tangail Masslice Cotton Saree

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Tangail Masslice Cotton Saree

 100% Hand Made with highest quality with contemporary and traditional design. About 400 years of tradition.

Tangail saree is one of the oldest traditional legacy in the history of Bangladesh. It has history of 400 years behind. Sarees are available in form of pure cotton, pure silk and cotton silk mixed. Tangail sarees are very famous accross subcontinent which is popularly known as "
Tangail Saree".

Product tags: Tangail Saree (764) , Masslice Cotton Saree (137) , Gas Silk Saree (90) , Tangail saree ghor (752)
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