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    Over time, a lot of places in Bangladesh have become popular for preparing sarees. And Tangail is one of those prominent earliest places of Bangladesh. Anyone can get their favorite type of saree without any difficulty or spending a lot of time in Tangail. And the best type of Bangladeshi saree that represents the art and glory of Tangail is the Tangail saree. 

    Bangladeshi sari is one of the first choices to wear at a party or festival of most women in Bangladesh. In true sense, Tangail sharee is the best kind of saree as its origin is Bangladesh. The weavers based in Tangail mainly prepare Tangail sari. Tangail Shari was known as “Begum Bahar” in its primal time. 

    For years, skilled and expert weavers have been making various kinds of handloom fabrics. Because generation after generation has inherited this beautiful handicraft of weaving saree form their ancestors as part of the legacy. Renowned travelers Ibn Batuta and Huen Sam have also mentioned about Tangail and its attractive handloom industry. They have described about Tangail Sarees in their travel-stories that we know from Jamdani Saree Blog

    Origin and Evolution of Tangail Saree

    Let’s get to the part where we will learn about the origin of Tangail saree. Muslin was the finest quality fabric during the Mughal Empire. But this top quality fabric was forced to extinct during the British reign. However, somehow Banarasi, Jamdani and Tant sarees of Tangail survived to exist till day. 

    As per the information of Wikipedia, the landlords of Santosh, Delduar, and Gharinda under Tangail district invited several weavers. These weavers were expert and skilled in weaving Tangail sarees and whose origins were Dhamrai and Chowhatta under the Dhaka district. They set up their family and weaving arrangement in 22 neighboring villages and surrounding places. 

    The handloom industry got sensation and expansion in the Indian Sub-continent and Bangladesh. This happened after the Swadeshi Movement declared by Mahatma Gandhi in 1906. These sarees got the use of different eye-catching motifs and designs during the mid-20s of the 19th century. 

    If you go through history, you will find out that the Tangail handloom industry made progress in the last decade of the 19th century. Weaving designs and patterns in Tangail sarees are a quite modern representation of the famous Muslin fabric. To clarify, Muslin fabric was the most preferred and loved type of fabric of weavers of early generations. To prepare sarees and other forms of wear, Muslin fabric was the first choice for a long period. Tangail saree replaced and became the main women’s wear manufacturing product of the new generations. 

    Variations of Tangail Saree

    There are many types and variations of Tangail sarees. Some types are evolved forms of their old creations. On the other hand, some types are created based on the uses of different threads and designs. Let’s check out the most found variations of Tangail sharees below, 

    •        Cotton
    •        Half Silk
    •        Soft Silk
    •        Cotton Jamdani
    •        Gas-mercerized
    •        Twisted Cotton
    •        Dangoo
    •        Balucherri

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    Making Process & Weaving Technique of Tangail Saree

    Tangail Saree

    Tangail Saree is an exceptional form of weaving done by handloom in the Tangail areas of Bangladesh. Firstly, a particular fine yarn is used to make Tangail Saree which ensures it so comfortable and soft to feel and wear. 

    Besides, the weaving design, color, style, and length of Tangail sarees are unlike all other types of sarees. Again, the weavers use a particular type of yarns and threads. Tangail Sarees are not prepared in machines. That is to say, every part of a Tangail Saree is designed and weaved by hand. 

    One of the outstanding features of these sarees is Paar. And To make its paars, silk or Jori yarn is used. HateemTai Blog depicts that with special care with silky and shiny threads, the paars of Tangail Saree are made. To complete weaving the most basic and common type of Tangail Shari, it takes around 5 to 7 days. On the other hand, other types of sarees require different time frames.

    Difference between Muslin Saree & Tangail Saree

    Muslin and Tangail are completely different by their weaving method and the procedure of weaving itself. Firstly, Muslin was the thinnest and finest Saree in the Indian Subcontinent. It used to be so thin that it could completely be pulled through a finger-ring. 

    However, Tangail Sarees are made of silk but not so thin. The weaving technique and design of Tangail Saree are very different from Muslin. Finally, Tangail Sarees are not as light and transparent as Muslin. 

    Uses of Tangail Saree

    Tangail Sari has all you need to wear. Either you wear it at home or go to office or even you attend to any office program or wedding function. Tangail Sarees are made of many different designs and colors. As we find in detail from Jamdani Saree Blog, examples are Jamdani, Tangail B.T, half silk, Baluchori, Hajarabuti, Jaripar, Sutipar, Swarnachura, Kotki, Anarkali, Ikkat, Devdas, Sananda, Moyurakanthi, Nilambari, Kumkum, and regular Sarees. 

    Tangail Sharis are made with international standards. The main appeal of Tangail Saree is its design and weaving method. In addition, these are very much comfortable and lightweight to wear in summer. Therefore, the gorgeous and stylish hand-made design of Tangail Sari can easily win a woman’s heart. 

    Tangail Saree – Domestic & International Demand

    At present, the reputation of saree weavers of Tangail has surpassed the domestic market and reached the global market. This happened because of the attractiveness and fame of Tangail Saree. 

    Actually, the pride of the district of Tangail is now Tangail Saree. Previously it was the glory and fame of Muslin and Jamdani. On the other hand, after Muslin and Jamdani, the Tangail Saree has successfully added a new height in the textile sector of Bangladesh. 

    There is a wide diversity of color and fabric in the design of Tangail Saree. It has achieved a reputation in South Asian countries, even in Europe, America, and Japan. Soft silk and cotton weaving have revolutionized Tangail Saree. The Saree fabric and designs draw the most attention. The most important quality is the design of the paar of this Saree. 

    A bulk amount of Tangail Sarees is being exported to Europe, India, and many other countries every year. Jamdani Saree Blog also mentions that this saree is very much accepted and admired in Kolkata, India. They are simply passionate about it. They are fond of this Shari very much and use it as their usual wear. To clarify, these sarees come with such reasonable & affordable price and very comfortable to wear features. 


    Tangail Saree carries our heritage and culture. As we know that women from many countries like Sarees are very much fond of our Tangail Saree. Our Tangail Saree industry is falling apart gradually due to local machine made fake Tangail Sarees and other reasons. 

    After this thorough read on Tangail saree, if you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us. A member of our team will get back you with the best reply in the shortest possible time. 

    0 Tangail Jamdani Saree

    Tangail jamdani saree

    Sarees are a very popular form of women’s wear in the Southern part of Asia. It has been the first choice for women since the beginning of human civilization. However, after ages of innovation and evolution, we can observe various types of sarees in the modern era. Moreover, Jamdani saree is one of the most ancient types of saree that can still be found anywhere in South-Asia. These Jamdani sarees are prepared by weavers who have learned the weaving technology from their forebears. These sarees are beautifully handcrafted and are presented maintaining classic aesthetics. For Jamdani Saree, Bangladesh achieved the prestigious status of Geographical Indication (GI) in 2016. This is the first Bangladeshi product that brought this prestigious GI status.

    In Bangladesh, you can find two regional variations of Jamdani saree, firstly the Dhakai Jamdani saree and secondly the Tangail Jamdani saree. Dhakai Jamdani Sarees are the Jamdani sarees that Dhaka based weavers prepare. Simultaneously, Tangail Jamdani Sarees are the Jamdani sarees that Tangail based weavers prepare. Our site has a collection of all varieties of Tangail Jamdani sarees that are prepared and can be found in Tangail only.

    History of Tangail Jamdani Saree

    If you dig deeper, you will find out that the Tangail handloom industry made progress in the last decade of the 19th century. Weaving patterns in Tangail Jamdani sarees are a quite modern representation of the prominent Muslin clothing. In other words, the early generations were used to prepare dresses made of Muslin cloth; and by course of time, the current generations have devoted themselves to preparing the Tangail Jamdani sarees.

    The landlords of Santosh, Delduar, and Gharinda under Tangail district invited those weavers whose origin were Dhamrai and Chowhatta under the Dhaka district. They established their family and weaving arrangement in 22 neighboring villages. The handloom industry got success and growth in Bangladesh when Mahatma Gandhi declared the Swadeshi Movement in 1906. These sarees received the introduction of various stunning motifs and designs during the mid-20s of the 19th century.

    Tangail Jamdani Saree and Its Features

    The Tangail Jamdani sarees come with the particular feature of Jamdani motifs on Tangail fabrics’ own fine-textured with 100s count. The conventional Tangail based Jamdani sarees’ borders use to have the Padma-Lotus, Pradeep -lamp (traditional lantern) pattern aside from the fashionable Aansh paar which was general in Shantipur Jamdani sarees (India based Jamdani saree). They made the beginning of using 2 to 3 colors to present it a Meenakari form. However, if you look back at history, you will find out that the Persian and the Mughal made their influence in Jamdani sarees’ motifs and designs.

    However, if you look back at history, you will find out that the Persian and the Mughal made their influence in Jamdani sarees’ motifs and designs.

    The Tangail Jamdani sarees also carry the tradition of having various geographic motifs like each saree is trying to visualize a story of its own. As the expert weavers prepare these sarees’ motifs from their own memory and imagination, such thoughtful creations will mesmerize you when you observe these presentations with your inner eyes. Let’s check out some motifs which the weavers commonly use below,

    •  Butidar (tiny flowers)      
    • Charkona (rectangular shaped motifs)      
    • Dubli Jal      
    • Duria (polka spots)      
    • Fulwar (flowers set in plain rows)      
    • Jalar (motifs equally  & consistently covering the whole length)      
    • Kalka (paisley)      
    • Panna Hajar (thousand emeralds)      
    • Tesra (diagonally shaped Patterns)

    For top-quality Tangail Jamdani saree, weavers use yarn of 200 to 250 counts. It requires 4 types of cotton to make Jamdani. Let’s check those types below,

    We have ensured the availability of all the above-mentioned designs in our Tangail Jamdani sarees collection. You will be able to take a comprehensive and detailed look at each saree of our collection if you just make a visit to our site.

    What is the difference between Tangail Saree and Tangail Jamdani Saree?

    A common misconception is available there in the clothing industry that Tangail Saree and Tangail Jamdani Saree are the same or both represent the same quality. To be frank and honest, some professionals alongside newbie sometimes cannot differentiate between these two types of sarees. The main reason that a lot of people fail to differentiate between these two types of sarees is that Jamdani sarees are prepared in a lot of places both officially and unofficially; however, some specific communities of Tangail district only are engaged in preparing Tangail sarees. These communities, no matter how small their community, have been preparing Tangail sarees for a long time. Although there are a significant number of weavers who have brought the technology and been preparing Tangail Jamdani sarees since the early 19th century.

    Where Can You Get Tangail Jamdani Saree?

    In this modern age, you can get any product from any corner of the world sitting in your home. As there are a lot of offline and online solutions out there to fulfill your requirement, you do not have to go through any troublesome process to get a Tangail Jamdani saree. We are ready to meet your any type of demand on this particular type of Jamdani saree, as we have been continuously developing our supply chain & logistics department who make sure all up-to-date sarees are available in our massive collection. You just have to click the button and pay a visit to our site where you will be mesmerized to see our product varieties.

    Current Condition of Tangail Jamdani Saree Industry

    Most of the sarees made in Tangail are through weavers operating in their households in this industry. If you look at some government and NGO based surveys, you get a clear idea of the current condition of the Tangail Jamdani saree industry.

    A survey of 1982, 11 years after our great liberation war, reveals that 20% of handlooms are under the control of small factories. On the other hand, a later survey report of 1992 explains that there were more than 150,000 weavers and 100,000 handlooms in the Tangail Sadar sub-district alongside some other sub-districts of Tangail district.

    However, the figures changed significantly in the survey report conducted in 2008. This report discloses that there were 37,222 handlooms in approximate 10,000 small and large-sized handloom factories. Besides, around 70,000 weavers had been involved in these factories under Basic Centers of many sub-districts in the Tangail district. Another survey conducted in 2013 states that there are around 60,000 handlooms (pit looms-8,300, Chittranjan looms-51,100 & power looms 900) in the entire Tangail district. 

    The clothing industries of various parts of the world appreciate the uniqueness of the Tangail handloom. To weave and design Tangail Jamdani sarees, the weavers require proper training and skills. However, we believe the condition will be more developed in years to come as this category of sarees have rising popularity and demand in Bangladesh as well as other countries of the world.

    Government’s Role on Developing Tangail Jamdani Saree Industry

    The Bangladeshi government has taken a number of steps to ensure the progress of this industry. To clarify, the Ministry of Industries has established a Jamdani Industrial Estate and Research Centre with a mission to accelerate marketing facility & production quality as well as to facilitate Jamdani weavers with infrastructural support, ensure required support to Jamdani saree weavers and entrepreneurs, arrange proper training and skill developing programs, etc. Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) completed building the Jamdani Industrial Estate and Research Centre at the Rupgonj sub-district in Narayangonj district in 1999. This project was completed by spending a large amount of BDT 58.56 Million. Most of the noticeable initiatives taken by the Ministry of Industries are on projects based on capital. We are highly optimistic that the Bangladesh government will focus and invest more in the coming days in this promising and potential industry.

    Final Verdict

    We have tried to congregate all kinds of details about the Tangail Jamdani saree of Bangladesh. Therefore, you must have a clear knowledge of this industry and its different aspects. We are proud to be associated with such an industry of global heritage.

    You are always welcome to knock us on any issue regarding this classic women-wear industry. Besides, we appreciate it if you share your experience in the below comment section or email us.

    Happy Shopping…

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    Katan Saree

    Saree is perhaps the most preferred form of women’s wear in the world. For attending a wedding or celebrating a major family function or religious festival, women always choose saree. And the saree which gives a woman the most gorgeous look is undeniably the Banarasi saree. Banarasi saree is the first choice of any woman when she has to be present at any kind of function. However, this Banarasi saree has 4 types based on materials as Wikipedia describes. Those are Katan (Pure Silk), Kora (Organza with Zari and Silk), Georgette, and Shattir.

    Particular designated individuals involved in the manufacturing process twist various numbers of silk fabrics as per prerequisite and create a thread to give a solid structure to the background fabric. And this thread is Katan that we all know typically. This Katan fabric is nothing but a pure woven fabric that comes with pure silk threads and consists of two threads warped together. It is generally utilized for the warp of light fabrics that we know from weaverstory.

    The Katan silk saree is such kind of hand-woven silk that weavers make through curving fibers jointly so that the process would end up creating sturdy and solid texture. Indian Silk House Agencies depict that to ensure the exceptionality and uniqueness of this Katan sari, the creation process also involves an intriguing finished foundation for any work that will be applied to the texture. We can proudly enlighten you that when you plan to buy katan silk saree online, has the best and most versatile types of Katan sarees collection in the world.

    History of Katan Saree

    If you go back to a certain part of the history of the highly enriched Persian culture, you will get to know about a lot of fascinating mentions about this Katan saree. Women from the royal family were very fond of Katan silk sarees and they appreciated the outstanding quality of this excellent fabric. On the other hand, Katan Banarasi saree was also very popular among the women from the royal family of the Mughal Empire. They were very attracted to wearing various comfortable and richly designed cloths prepared using Katan silk. Consequently, the custom of Katan sarees among women of the Indian subcontinent began through the influence of the women from the royal family of the Mughal Empire.

    One of the main reasons that Katan sarees became popular and accepted in the Indian subcontinent at the mass level is the Katan sarees offer such a royal & gorgeous look as well as come with sturdy nature. While we are on the subject of Katan saree, one name we have to mention with utmost respect is Nur Jahan Begum. To clarify, she made her name and gained such reputation by designing and popularizing new and versatile designs and fashions by utilizing the resourceful offerings of the Katan silk fabric.

    Varieties of Katan Saree

    There are several varieties of Katan sarees. We are describing details of the most popular varieties of Katan saree below,

    • Opera Katan Saree: The most celebrated and accepted form of katan saree in Bangladesh is the Opera katan saree. Bangladeshi women of all ages choose Opera katan before any other type for attending wedding or any festivals. These sarees are heavily designed with various patterns and motifs and can be purchased at various price ranges.
    • Katan (Pure Silk) Saree: As per Saree, Katan is one of the fabrics that can weave unadulterated silk threads that are used for making pure banarasi silk sarees or silk Katan sarees. Weavers used to weave Katan sarees with attractive designs, patterns, and motifs utilizing handlooms in the past. However, in modern-day trends, certain professionals use power looms and rapid looms for a similar outcome.
    • Shattir Katan Saree: To create and provide gorgeous and special designs is the main task of Shattir fabric. Consequently, such creation becomes the form of Shattir Katan saree.
    • Organza Katan Saree: There is a luxuriously woven fabric that everyone knows as Organza. This fabric comes with the most gorgeous brocade designs and patterns that are created by weft and warp. To make Zari brocade, experts weave gold-coated silver threads around the silk yarns. Such methods and fabrics are used to prepare Organza Katan saree.
    • Georgette Katan Saree: The particular kind of light fabric which is smoothly woven and is created of crepe yarn inter-woven by both warp and weft is called Georgette. To prepare elite class designer sarees, experts make the best use of this fabric. And thus we get different Georgette Katan sarees.
    • Jamdani Katan Saree: Jamdani Katan saree is such kind of gorgeous creation that is the result of applying both Jamdani and Katan fabrics in a particular saree.
    • Jangla Katan Saree: To make a Jangla Katan saree, professionals use the method of heavy and elaborate weaving with birds and floral motifs that represent the jungle.
    • Tanchoi Katan Saree: Tanchoi is a specific kind of fabric that is a warp-faced and satin base. This fabric is woven using silk added weft decoration on a silk ground of twill, plan, or satin weave. The combinations of both Tanchoi and Katan fabrics help to create the Tanchoi Katan sarees.
    • Besides, there is a locally renowned Mirpur Katan saree available in Bangladesh.

    We, here at, have tried our level best to ensure the collection of most varieties of Katan saree online for your convenience. So, if you want to fulfill your need, our e-store has the latest collection of banarasi silk sarees with price mentioned so that you can check everything (including price and all) on our site staying ay your home.Just pay a visit to our site and get mesmerized in the vast collection.

    Features of Katan Saree

    Katan sarees have set the trend long ago in South Asia. And Katan sarees are very weighty because these sarees come with very artistic and sophisticated embroidery that makes these sarees best wears for weddings, festivals, and parties.

    Katan sharee tends to have attractive and appealing designs of birds, animals, fruits, floral, human figures, and geometric patterns which ensure absolute beauty and good looks to these sarees.

    Even in this modern age, you will find the presence of Persian motifs in South Asian based Katan sarees. Persian motifs are enriched with various elegant looking flower patterns. For the women of the Royal families, these sarees were embroidered with threads created from original gold and silver.

    In recent times, experts have replaced such exceptionally expensive threads with colored gold and silver threads so that everyone can afford to wear such gorgeous looking saree.

    We,, are renowned for ensuring best Katan sarees in Bangladesh with vast features and have been shipping our products all over the world. For katan saree online shopping, there is no other site that can ensure authentic and original product like us.

    Modern Trends on Katan Saree

    Everything has changed, developed, and evolved naturally or by some human-caused reason. Kathan sari has also gone through such evolving and developing phases, and have got today’s look. These days Katan silk has got several broadly widespread woven forms. Let’s check out some most common woven forms of Katan silk saree below that we have found out from Khinkhwab,

    • Katan Buti Zari Resham: This type of fabric comes with some fashionable creations that have brought a more stunning and modern look.
    • Katan with Meenakari and Kadhua Buti.
    • Katan Jaal Set: Floral motifs or designs are found all over the Katan jaal set fabric.
    • Katan Stripes and Checks: as the newest style on the runway, these Katan stripes and checks have been found.

    Our site, for years, are actively collecting and supplying not only the above mentioned types of sarees but also various weeding saree in Bangladesh.

    Our final words

    We understand your desire to find out the best quality Katan sarees as this type of saree is the best pick of women from all corners of the world to wear at weddings, parties, and festivals. And this is our effort to fulfill your expectation in the best possible way.

    If you still have any queries on Katan saree or wedding katan saree, we request you to drop a comment in our comment section below or contact us directly through our email. We will reach out to you with the required answer in the shortest possible time.


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    In some ways, the lack of a physical business location allows the online business some leeway that their ‘real world’ counterparts do not enjoy. Location is not important, furnishings are not an issue, and most of the visual first impression is made through the professional design of the business website.

    However, one thing still remains true. Customers will make their first impressions on the customer service they encounter. Unfortunately, in online business there is no opportunity for front- line staff to make a good impression. Every interaction the customer has with the website will be their primary means of making their first impression towards the business and its client service. Good customer service in any online business is a direct result of good website design and planning.

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